AeoLogic Technologies: Ensuring Delivery of Reliable Products with Top-notch QA and Software Testing

Businesses today are going digital in order to continue to grow in a competitive market. They need to ensure their products and applications are perfectly aligned with the objective of digital transformation. While developing a product or application, businesses direct their focus on decreasing the cost required to enhance the quality of the product and the associated rework time resulting from unforeseen changes in product design or functionality. This can be achieved with the deployment of a more effective QA and testing procedure. Implementation of automated test procedures can be leveraged to increase the test coverage across systems, reduce the number of human errors that are likely to occur and minimize the time-to market for the products/applications. QA and testing can be viewed as a critical function utilised to ensure the product is equipped with the ability to satisfy every end-user’s expectations. In today’s highly demanding market where one bad experience endured by a customer can damage the reputation of the product or application and the brand itself, the need for an extremely experienced and skilled QA and software testing provider is of essence.

AeoLogic, with its team of professionals has put in place various quality assurance processes designed to help engineer and develop error-free solutions/applications keeping in mind the user’s concerns while simultaneously assuring it is easy-to-use and highly efficient.

Delhi NCR headquartered AeoLogic, a Digital Transformation company, is perfectly poised in this domain assisting its customers in delivering a better product and reducing the time-to-market while supporting client acceptance with its comprehensive suite of Software Testing Services and round-the-clock support. AeoLogic, with its team of professionals has put in place various quality assurance processes designed to help engineer and develop error-free solutions/applications keeping in mind the user’s concerns while simultaneously assuring it is easy-to-use and highly efficient.

Delivery of Superior Products/Applications
When the company is approached by a client, a dedicated team at AeoLogic is assigned to act as the end-user. The team conducts a complete research and tests the various product features thus ensuring the product functions exactly what it was designed for. The various bouquet of services proffered under its umbrella of Manual QA offering are Analyze Tactics, Operative Manual Testing, Test Design, Web, Mobile Application Testing, Cross-browser, cross-platform, UI and Localization Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and QA Education Services.

Addressing the Apprehensions Pertaining to Security
While the team harnesses the power of its robust and innovative QA services to ensure the product/application functions in accordance with the way it was intended to, there is also the increasing need to mitigate the multiple risks of vulnerabilities encountered or any defects that could
possibly cause harm to the end user. AeoLogic comes to the fore in helping its client’s product withstand any malicious intrusions with its Security QA services. Penetration Testing of PCI DSS, Compliance audit scope, Source Code Analysis, Secure SDLC Implementation, Security Education for QA Engineers and/or Developers, Infrastructure Security Testing, Web Services / API Security Testing and Social Engineering Attacks Security Testing are extended to its customers to address any security issues encountered.

Committed towards assisting businesses from various industry verticals in developing efficient and successful testing strategies while enhancing team productivity, AeoLogic provides QA Consulting services as well where the team carries out QA Scrutiny, classification of areas for development and roadmap for implementation with priorities, to name a few. All in all, the company has completed over 400 projects till date.

Enabling Digital Transformation
As every business advances towards adopting newer technologies, there are a myriad of options available. Essentially, technology can be sliced into three parts: production, operations and communication. The need for leading-edge communication facility is of top priority in order to successfully enable businesses to ensure high sale of their products and services. AeoLogic conducted a complete market research and has predicted that in a span of five years the first world countries will cease to have brick and mortar shops with cashiers and store staff with items placed on racks and legacy payment systems and will rather shift to create an online presence with virtual stores. Attending to customers’ needs virtually can be better achieved through improved means of communications.

In today’s day and age where SMBs as well as large enterprises need a strong management and communications approach, AeoLogic, assists businesses along their path to digital transformation, addresses this need by upgrading the communication system that assures smooth functioning. The company focuses on transforming the business and communication platform. The team, highly experienced in this domain, leverages its in-depth knowledge in design, development and customization of tech requirements and engineer best-in-class tech solutions. The company is recognized for its expert delivery of novel internal, external and operational communication systems.

Incepted in 2015, the company has since been successfully meeting its client’s plethora of tech requirements and crafting cutting-edge tech solutions. The company having serviced clients for half a decade commands a considerable market presence today. Application Development, Research & Development, Support services, Big Data & Analytics, Quality Assurance & Software Testing and Chatbot development that involves concept definition to publishing and support are some of the core offerings of the company where its solutions can be customized according to each customer’s unique requirements. The company takes pride in having catered to around 700 clients and attaining 96 percent customer retention. The company is currently working with several advancing technologies as it continues to innovate and gear up for the future.