Testrig Technologies: Innovative Software Testing Services Tailored for Every Business

CIO Vendor Starbucks was forced to close about 60 percent of stores in the US and Canada due to a software failure in its POS system. Some of Amazon’s third-party retailers saw their product price reduced to 1p due to a software glitch. Incurring heavy losses, software glitch becomes a pandemic issue if not handled in time. Businesses have increasingly come to the realization that testing validation and verification generate added value. At the same time, they understand that unstructured and non-managed testing cannot fetch the desired results for them. Businesses’ rightful demand for clear business cases for testing based on formal test estimation techniques makes it mandatory that the end users remain in control without feeling burdened with cost and time as the high testing executions are generally quite expensive.

Hence, it becomes imperative for businesses to search out the most trained software testing services out there in the market. Bringing forth such an array of costeffective and proven software testing methodologies, Pune based company, Testrig, renders testing services that focus on successful completion of core software projects.

Ensuring Top-Rated Service Deliverance
Testrig prides itself on delivering some of the highquality products with its independent software testing and QA services all over the globe. The company leverages its extensive experience in providing custom solutions and cost-effective products that are aligned to any business environment, rendering it fit for all types of companies, be it a start-up or a large organization. The company’s expertise ranges from web app testing, mobile app testing, security testing, automation testing to usability testing, performance testing, cloud testing, and compatibility testing.
“These testing services determine the survival quotient of any software, and in turn, the stake of companies rises manifold. It becomes mandatory for the testing service vendors to provide uncompromised services,” states Parimal Kumar, Founder. Testrig ensures top-rated product deliverance through its dynamic team, flexible engagement model, and tailor-made services. Being a recognized Software Testing and QA company, Testrig already holds experience of working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small technology start-ups with more than 100 satisfied clients.

Being a recognized Software Testing and QA company, Testrig already holds experience of working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small technology startups with more than 100 satisfied clients

A Routine for Successful Executions
Testrig follows massive and rigorous solution routine that starts with the analysis of clients’ QA environment. What is more, it tries to understand the specification document of the application under testing. A test plan preparation, review and sign off by the client follow next. After the test plan execution, review of test cases by another QA team member is done for fool-proof and retesting of bug fixing, and defect removal.

In one of its use cases with a mobile app testing, the paybacks received by the client were massive. It resulted in an application compatible across all major devices, identification of security vulnerabilities across the app for both data leakage and privacy, UX based testing for better human experience, quick execution of regression test suite before each release helping in the smoother release, and providing Daily and Weekly Reports with Metrics for increased visibility and control.